To defend our county's liberty,
Make sure it remains strong...
Protect it from catastrophe,
Ensure that it goes on...
There's a simple way of doing that,
To ensure freedom for all...
Contained inside four boxes,
So that Liberty stands tall. 
The first box is a small one,
But one each one of us knows...
It's called simply 'the soapbox',
Where ideas root and grow.
The next one is not used as much,
A shame upon our nation...
For it is called the ballot box,
Holds both dreams and elation.
The third one is the Jury Box,
Which filters right from wrong...
Democracy's way of making sure,
That Liberty goes on.
The fourth box is the saddest one,
It's used when all else fails...
For it is called the Ammo box,
And holds sadness and wails.
But if we use them properly,
Each one in listed  turn...
Liberty will light the path,
That Democracy will earn.
©Loree (Mason) O'Neil
October 29, 2005
Used With Permission
All Rights Reserved By Author

Poem based on a statement by Ed Howdershelt