The following poem I wrote in honor of a writer, who at the time, had been cared for by Hospice. Shortly after I wrote the poem, he passed away. The poem is dedicated to all who suffer in illness, terminal or otherwise and for those who are the caretakers, for they, too, feel for the person who is ill.

~ Annette ~
We see life in every moment every flicker of light We walk through every dream every prayer every day every night We grow in every instance with every cell in illness in being well We breathe essence given by family, friends by what we perceive by what is felt from beginning to end. We give we live to love We pray for those who choose to stay or go. We pray with strength to stand firm and strong aid the weak help them see our love to assist to honor fulfill their need to be comforted. Life shifts motivates moves in light the flame, the spark fading flicker moves in dark nesting into what may seem silence, stillness, endless dreams. Power, wisdom, we walk within circle of existence harmony with earth, with affection, reflection breathing life breathing words of love and grace of tender care for whose breath needs to feel to be comforted for the strength for that minute or hour or day or night. We see we walk we grow we give we breathe we live to give to love to pray every night every day for you. ©Annette Nasser 2003-2008 All Rights Reserved By Author Used With Permission Mail

Keeper of the Stars
Performed by Margi Harrell