Life is truly a challenge and we learn to give and take, See it "Through the Eyes of Love"…what a difference it can make; So many Elderly people hurting…it's so difficult to understand, See their "Smiles and Precious Glow"…when you give a helping hand; See the "Precious Little Children" as they happily play, Always Love and Hug them, each and every day; See the "Squirrels and Rabbits" always zipping along, Hear the sound of "Doves" with their Sweet Love Song; The "Beauty of Nature" when Flowers begin to grow, Give them "Water and Sunshine" and a "Rainbow of Colors" they'll show; Try your best to see Life…"Through the Eyes of Love" God will surely Smile and Bless us from Above! ©Philip D. Christopher Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Mail

Gentle Breezes
Dolphin's Dream