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button Life is quite a journey, From the cradle to the grave. We can savor it a free man, Or suffer it a slave. As you walk the path of life, Can you truly say. You know where you'll be going, If you die today. Do you know the day will come, When you must make a choice. To continue in the darkness, Or follow Jesus' voice. You have walked in bondage, Since the day that you were born. It started in the garden, When our link to God was torn. If you think it's foolishness, Or think this isn't true. That's because you don't believe, That Jesus died for you. I say to you the day will come, When you will have to face. The very One who died for you, The One who took your place. You will see the nail scarred hands, You'll see that crimson stain. And you will hear Him ask you, "Did I die in vain". That's the day you'll make your choice, It happens to us all. We either turn our backs on Him, Or we accept His call. Let me tell you what I saw, On that fateful day. When Jesus came into my life, And washed my sins away. I was marching straight to hell, Drawing closer every day. When I looked up and saw a cross, Standing in my way. There was a body on that cross, A gruesome sight to see. But something in that lifeless form, Was reaching out to me. I somehow knew that it was time, For me to make a choice. And deep inside my sinful heart, I heard a gentle voice. "I love you" were the words I heard, So peaceful and so sweet. "Let me wash you with this blood, That's dripping off my feet". I looked again upon that cross, And then I saw the blood. Flowing like a river, An endless crimson flood. I looked back upon the path, That brought me to this place. And then I felt a teardrop, Trailing down my face. As I was looking at my path, That path I knew so well. Suddenly I realized, I was marching straight to hell. I took a look beyond that cross, Where the path continued on. Winding through the darkness, Until the trail was gone. Then I saw another path, It was quite a sight. It led up to heaven, And it was bathed in light. Again I heard that gentle voice, "I suffered all your pain. Won't you let me wash you clean, Or did I die in vain". "Take the path that I have lit, Make your choice today. I will love and guide you, And take you all the way". I was standing at the crossroads, I remember it so well. I realized the time had come, To turn my back on hell. I knelt down beneath that cross, And He bathed me with His blood. That never ending river, That flowing crimson flood. Before that day I'd never known, What life should really be. Until I met my Savior, Nailed upon that tree. My life has never been the same, Since that fateful day. When I asked the Lord to come, And wash my sins away. It doesn't matter who you are, You have to make a choice. Sometime, somewhere along your path, You will hear His voice. You'll be standing at the crossroads, And that will be the day. That you'll look up and see a cross, Standing in your way. ©Chick Velasco Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Website Mail Share This Page



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