A silver streak, up in the sky,
Lumps in our throats; tears in our eyes. ~
Oh, wave those colors up, so high! 
Our boys are coming home!

We form a line, with space between,
Where walk the brave hearts; young and keen.
Mid shouts of "Welcome Home!" we see,
Our boys are coming home!

There's not a solitary frown,
E'en when they bend to kiss the ground.
The stars and stripes wave and abound,
Our boys are coming home!

We clutch our chests and weep the more
For those left, on that distant shore,
Whose hearts ache while they wage the war.
Soon, they'll be coming home!

Oh, land of freedom, peal the bells
And pray, as Christmas music swells,
'Til all our brave men history tells.
Our heroes come on home! 

©Joan Clifton Costner
Used With Permission
All Rights Reserved By Author



I'll Be Home For Christmas
Christmas at Midnight Midis

Image: ©Marianne Venegoni/BIGStock