His footsteps echo on the cold dark street,
His head down, showing signs of defeat,
He walks these streets alone every night,
Struggling each day with all of his might.

Trying to find a companion or a friend,
Holding on to his life trying not to pretend,
His time is coming no minutes to waste,
He hurries along showing so much haste.

He feels that he's lost and can't find the way,
Trying so hard to live another long day,
His cloths are so ragged and badly worn,
Just like his soul, they've been badly torn.

He stops by the church down on Fifth and Main,
Trying his composure so hard to regain,
He walks up quickly, stumbles on the curb,
He enters so quiet hoping not to disturb.

Up to the altar where he falls to his knees,
Mutters a prayer saying "Jesus Please,
Forgive my faults and transgresses, I pray,
I want to sit with you in heaven someday.

I know that I've failed the ones that I love,
So please Dear Lord, send them a dove,
This cancer inside me will soon take my life,
It cuts to my soul like a very sharp knife.

My family is gone and I know not where,
At least they won't see my pain and won't share,
The agonising death that I soon will face,
Down in that alley, such a cold, cold place.

I know that you care for them in my heart,
"I'm ready now, ready Lord to depart,
So please take me quickly," he cried out aloud,
"Take me up to that fleecy white cloud.

I can't take much more, I can't this survive,
Please wait for me real soon I'll arrive,
The streets I no longer wish to roam,
Please Lord, come, Come and take me home."

©Wolfgang Hummel
July 29, 2003
Used With Permission
All Rights Reserved By Author

Dedicated to all who have lost the battle...

    Midi ~ Loneliness
   Used With Permission
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