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I had cataracts dimming my vision, And a haze seemed to cover my eyes. The whole world was dull as I viewed it; Dark gray were the once bright blue skies. bullet But a miracle occurred after surgery, And suddenly colors were bright. My world, once so clouded in darkness, Was filled with God's radiant light! bullet I thank God for repairing my vision, And relish His marvelous grace. But I find I am longing for Heaven, And I'm anxious to look on His face. bullet Though yet I cannot see Him clearly, Some day all the scales will be gone, And then with new eyesight in Heaven I'll awake to that glorious dawn. bullet Oh, wondrous the joys that await me, When I shall arrive on that shore. With clear eyes I'll see my dear Savior, And I'll rest in His arms evermore. bullet ©Betty Jo Mings 2001 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Website Mail
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How Great Thou Art
Sequenced by Randall M. Lawson
Smick & Smodoo's World

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