The snow is frosty white The ice is crystal clear The temperature has dipped To the lowest it's been this year. As Christmas Eve approaches I know that I should be Thinking of the wondrous story Of the Gift God has given me. Instead my mind wanders To scenes I'd rather forget Hospital rooms, and carols, Tears of deep regret. Why must I give my loved one? The one who holds my heart? While everyone else is singing, My heart is torn apart!!! I know You feel my sorrow, For You have sorrowed, it's true, For this 'Gift of Love' You gave Was mocked, and beaten too. This Baby wrapped in swaddling clothes Was led up Calvary's hill And crucified for sins untold, For that was Your Perfect Will. Lead me, Lord, to that place Where I can feel Your Peace, Comfort me and ease this pain, Allow these memories to cease. Recall for me that tiny babe, Let me kiss His Holy cheek, And Worship at His tiny feet, Make my repentance complete. So frosty snow and crystal ice Will very soon replace This Blue Christmas that I'm feeling now Saved, again, by Your Amazing Grace. ©Karen Payne December 4, 2007 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Mail Website Website In memory of the days spent in the hospital in Rochester, MN, recalling those last few precious days with my beloved.