Like Mother's arms in a thunderstorm I am embraced by a beautiful emotion that was born with the dew on the petals of a rose and tenderly kissed by the seven' o' clock sun. It is here in this blissful paradise where my bursting heart belongs, basking in the radiant glow of what can only be defined as Being In Love. Simple fondness could never reach such a regal height where his image is pleasantly stirred to the music of every classic love song and the need to sing is like a need to breathe. Affection is too illiterate to find rhythm and rhyme but for those in love, poetry is everywhere. Too immature is infatuation to weather all the storms and too irresponsible is a schoolgirl crush that is likely to forget the details. The very first look he cast my way... The first time he seduced my ears with his tempting voice... The smile that brought me instantly to my knees... These things I carry like cherished pictures but not in dusty photo albums or in frames upon the wall. In every breathtaking detail I can clearly see his handsome face though my eyes remain unopened. Glistening with mysterious charm his dark desert eyes were the traps that he set to lure me and to capture me. Sensuous and full but undeniably masculine his lips I could kiss for hours and still be breathlessly in need of more. A fragrance that defines him as he walks into a room and softly lingers on the pillow long after he departs. Savored, each lover's kiss he delivers to my trembling lips leaving me helplessly intoxicated so long as he stays in my presence. But quietly I fade as he disappears from view. Complete and total immersion into the sea of heightened senses is the only qualification to be deliriously in love. Where the hours melt away as memories are being made and the heart beats only to love again. Weightlessly set adrift throughout time and space, gently reaching a destination of all things beautiful where even the sweetest of pain is lovely to behold. ©Deanna L. Collins Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Mail


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A Love So Beautiful
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