Said the farmer to his wife, Let's have a party today We will invite every body To come sing, dance and to play. They swept hay from the barn And put all kinds of food to eat And made hay bales for those Who would really like a seat. There was music a play'n And ever body was hav'n fun They danced and they played games Yes sireeeeeeeee, that's just what they done. Mork, the mule would shake his ears in tune And miss hen began to pick and grin George the horse danced with leapn frog And pretty ladies danced in a spin. Percy pig oinked when he sang Oh what a time they all had Sweet Molly curtsied, and offered her hand To the lad, dressed in denim and plaid Miss butterfly visited with buzzing bee And the lightning bugs began to glow The farm was so happy And there was no one who didn't go. Some danced, while others pranced Some played games what fun None were unhappy or sad at all No, no, not even one. Mama Kitty and her kittens Chatted with Miss Mouse and Lady Pig Mr. Horse jumped up on hind legs And began to dance a fine jig. Mr. Farmer played on his fiddle While sittin' on a fence post Every body agreed ~ o my yes They enjoyed the fiddle the most. They played and chatted, and danced Away into the late of night They didn't get home and into their beds. Until it was daylight. ©Sandra Griffin 2004 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Website Mail



Moses Hoe The Corn
Hetzler's Fakebook