I wrote this poem for my daughter a couple of years ago when she got married. She was born, and also married, in the month of April. On May 2nd, she will receive her degree as a Doctor of Medicine. She's quite a girl.

I can still remember
That sunny April day
When you came into my life
To sweep my heart away

Now, many April days have passed
With memories, each one
Birthday parties, Disney trips
Giggles, laughs, and fun

That's what I was thinking of
As I walked you down the aisle
Fighting back the tears of joy 
That pressed against my smile

I wished that I could stand there
Just hold you for a spell
To tell you how I love you
How much I wish you well

It was time to let you go
So difficult a task
The hardest thing I've ever done
If anyone should ask

So I led you to a man
The man who won your heart
I trust he'll bring you happiness
A love that shall not part

Although I stood and said the words
I was required to say
In my heart, 
I'll never give my little girl away

I thank the Lord for memories
To Him, I sing my praise
For giving me a baby girl
and sunny April days

I love you,

©Chick Velasco
Used With Permission
All Rights Reserved By Author