Still loving each other, Still believing in each other, After all we've been through, God was by our side through Good times and bad. You are the love of my life. You were there when it Seemed like there was no Tomorrow, through trials, Pain and sorrow But with God we are all the Better by far. We faced them together Still loving each other all The days of our life. I loved you yesterday, I love you today and I will Love you until the end. You are my sunshine, my friend And all of my tomorrows. You are the reason I can face each day. You give me strength from day to day. Without your love I don't know how I could go on. The love we share After all these years is special. Growing old together is great. I'm still in love with you. We have made many Happy Memories With our love so true. The years may fade away but our Memories will last forever my love. Until the end of time God has blessed us With a wonderful life together. After all these years we still love each other. Dedicated To "The Love Of My Life" ©Judy Knight March 21, 2008 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Mail
Duie & Judy Knight

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