All I want... For Christmas this year... Is peace on earth… Towards all... goodwill I want all of our soldiers… To come home… safe and secure Where there is never… another war Upon this earth... to ever endure All I want… For Christmas this year Is for every child to have a loving home And the homeless… and disabled Have a place to call their own All I want… For Christmas this year… This I deeply pray Is a cure for Cancer, MS and Alzheimer's… Parkinson's and AIDS I want to look upon the Christmas trees Lined up at the malls… here and there Finding each limb... bare of a name Because someone thought of an innocent angel… From their heart& they happily gave All I want… For Christmas this year Is for everyone to pause… for a moment In their hurried… shopping pace And gaze upon the beautiful Nativity… the Christ child Letting it fill your heart& with His giving, love and grace All I want… for Christmas this year Adding each and everyday Is for love to fill your wonderful life And peace to always hold you near ©Brenda Conley 2006 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Website

Sing We Now Of Christmas
Marv's Christmas Midis