The clouds will split wide open With a blinding flash of light Many angels will be descending From . . . Their heavenly flight Harps, they will be playing Also, trumpets, loud and clear We'll all know in an instant That Jesus Christ . . .Is here The mountains, will also tremble We will feel the earth shake Hearts will be, thumping in fear The dead in Christ . . . Shall awake When Jesus lands on that mountain It'll be, with such a loud shout He'll be letting Satan know He'll now, be driven out Never again to spread evil Causing us to commit sin Jesus now, will be ready . . . To have "His New Earth" begin Yes, He will part, the people To His left and to His right Judging each one, separately Not one will hide, from His sight Satan and his following demons Will gnash their teeth and groan Christ will bless us, His people As He sits upon His throne . . . His people, will live in such beauty No sickness, nor anyone lame Animals, straight from the wilderness Once wild, will now be tame When Jesus walks Along side us As we drink from the "River Of Life" We'll rejoice and praise our Savior For delivering us, from earthly strife So please, take heart, and be ready The message was made very clear Jesus is coming soon from heaven To abide with us . . .Down here ©Judith Johnson Kypta 1999 Revised 2006 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Website Website Newsletter Mail How Great Thou Art
Sequencer Unknown To Me Top and Background Courtesy of Edward Caution