...Thoughts on a selfish person in old age... Through her dancing, laughing, years she was never told that someday even she would grow to be so very old Wouldn't be the gray hair, wrinkles that would do her in Would be her lack of interest, self loathing, she had within The belle of the ball can only ring across sweet spring air Youth's song is sung best when softly sang without a care Life's burdens wore her down as red rouge replaced her glow A string of broken hearts follows her wherever she will go She gave not a whit for the feelings of others never in her life The painful loneliness of miserable age cuts her as a knife Had I known early, she cries, what should have been to me, I would have walked another path, a better woman I would be A life based on only beauty will bloom fast with a raging fire, fill young men's hearts with passion, deep, burning desire Yet when the time comes to marry he may spurn this red Rose A wise man knows true beauty is eternal the other one goes

While we all have times when we despair over the changes that age brings to us we need to remind ourselves that what really makes us appealing to others is what comes from within. When I was young I was considered to be good looking. It seems there were a lot of people that didn't like me that much. Now that I am gray, a bit fat, and with lots of wrinkles, I think I have a lot more friends now then I ever did when I was young. I don't know what that says about my character in those days but I do know I like myself better than I did at that time.

This all comes from a visit to a nursing home a few days ago when I ran across a ninety year old woman from my hometown. She had been a beauty in her younger days but a very selfish, nasty person, not liked by many. Today she is bitter and lonely and a person has to feel sorry for her even knowing she did it to herself. I am so glad that "when I knew better I did better" *

©Roger Eugene Corell October 10, 2007 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Mail <')))))))>< Strive always to walk in the shoes of the Great Fisherman *Maya Angelou

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