It stands in the back yard
She won't let me take it down
The wood finally rotting away
It's stood for twenty years or more
The floor partially gone
Cats have made a home
It Stands and brings memories
It stands as a testament to fatherhood and love
It stands as a reminder of selfless giving
Of willingness to risk woodworking failure
All to give him something
Something not bought in a store
Something different
unattainable by his peers
More than a thing
A place
High above the ground
In the arms of an old pear tree
Reached from the ground by a hand made ladder
My son could climb above the rest
It stands there now
This hulk of vine entangled wood
Reminding now of days gone by
And days more recent
I stare at it and realize
We all must face this wretched thing called time
And so I walk away from it
She won't let me take it down.

©Sal Grippaldi
Used With Permission
All Rights Reserved By Author


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