When you're feeling troubled And relief is not in sight Christ is the answer..... Look up..... .....you'll see the light When things can't seem to get much worse And bad times outweigh the good Christ is the answer..... He will help..... .....ask Him if He would When you're feeling overburdened And life is hard to understand Christ is the answer..... Reach up..... .....He'll grasp your hand When you're feeling lonely You need someone to walk beside Christ is the answer..... Reach out.... His arms are open wide As you're stumbling down a rutted trail You need help to stay upright Christ is the answer..... To help..... .....would be His delight When life's load is way too heavy And you just can't make it through Christ is the answer..... Ask..... .....He'll be glad to carry you When you see the rainbow shining And the world looks washed anew You see flowers blooming in the garden A gentle breeze whispers right past you You hear little bluebirds chirping Out in the morning dew When the sun smiles upon your face And the sky has turned to blue Christ is the answer..... Rejoice..... .....He put them there for you ©Kathy Lowry 2001 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Website   Mail

Great Is Your Majesty
Hamblen & Hamblen Music

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