"Thanksgiving Prayer" We're thankful Lord, on this great day, To have the strength and right to pray. To Thank You for your great, great love, You send to us from up above. And for the way Lord, that you keep, Your hand on us, your straying sheep. For us, Dear Lord, who grow too bold, And stray too far Lord, from the fold. We Thank You Lord, for loved ones dear, You let us have, through all the year. The good life Lord, that You provide, Although we stray Lord, from your side. We Thank You Lord, for fields of grain, For summer sun and summer rain. Again Lord, in our humble way, We Thank You, this Thanksgiving Day. ©E.H. Coe 1973 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Estate Website bar "Thanksgiving" Thanksgiving Day is here. The weather crisp and cold. A little snow lies on the ground, Which pleases young and old. The weather crisp and cold, The appetite will whet, When for Thanksgiving dinner, At Grandma's house we'll sit. The turkey large and brown, In the middle of the table. Stuffed with oyster dressing, So eat all you are able. And as the years go by, And you have older grown, You will think of Grandma's house, And the friendly touch of home. ©E.H. Coe 1971 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Estate Website share





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