Winding roads, I've traveled,
Along the path of life.
From mountain peaks, to valleys,
Only one who knows my plight.

Yet when Iím in the valleys
I know that I will grow;
And when I see the mountain peaks
Godís love most surely shows.

These travels in my lifetime,
Have taught a special truthÖ
ĎTho I oft feel so alone,
My hand, God wonít turn loose.

Heís ready; and Heís waiting,
For me to simply trust.
Iíll follow in His footsteps.
Heís faithful and Heís just.

Skies may change from blue to gray,
Yet I shall still press on.
For soon, Iíll rest forever more.
Iíll see my home, sweet home.

©Marie Williams
Used With Permission
All Rights Reserved By Author

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