When I was but a very Young girl 
about the age of ten or so, 
Grandma from Missouri came to visit 
and to the movies we would go. 
She always carried a big black purse, 
wore a flowed hat and sparkled earrings 
She would always let me help her unpack 
and I got to touch and see her pretty things.

My mom was very strict, no make up 
not even in play 
made me wipe my face clean 
or to home I would have to stay. 
we dropped mother off to work 
and I sat in the back with grandma my best buddy 
I suppose to some 
she was just an old fuddy duddy. 

Daddy dropped us off and we began to walk 
toward the entrance to get in 
Restless, I hopped from one foot to the other 
Grandma said, "Honey, lets pretend." 
Here put on my special earrings 
that will make you all grown up today 
Boy grandma was just the best, 
now she really knew how to play., 

This many decades later 
and grandma's been in heaven for many years 
When I see, that movie, 
or sparkled beaded earrings I can fill up with tears 
every little girl should have days 
that in remembering brings a smile to her face 
how very special she surely was 
in that long ago never to be forgotten place 
for me a pair of glittered earrings 
she left just for me 
when grandma came to visit 
and love was her specialty. 

©Sandra Griffin 
Used With Permission
All Rights Reserved By Author

Her name was Minnie Anna from Hannibal, Missouri 
The sweetest grandmother in the whole world. 
She passed away at the age of seventy six, in 1967. 
When I was a kid, children never had their ears pierced 
Like they do today. Almost every grandmother wore 
Black practical shoes, corsets, carried big black purses 
And frilly hankies and would never leave the house 
Without a hat. She was a lady, my special lady, 
And love for me was her specialty


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