Staring down the back roads In the memories of my mind Wishing for the good old days A more gentle and quieter time When you would stop and talk to your neighbors Just to say, "Hi and How are you." Or share in your harvest Of purple hull peas and okra, too Stopping to help a friend Mend a fence or find a stray Or going out to a sun drenched field To help them haul their hay Then as the day would slowly Come to good but exhausting end You look at everyone around you And say, "Time to eat, come on in!" Pulling all the chairs up As they squeaked across the wooden floor Knowing you are truly blessed How could you ask for more Yes, those were the good old days Lovingly etched within my mind Everyone gathering around the table When saying grace was so divine As you gave thanks to The Lord above Your respects you would pay A time when people always bowed their heads And closed their eyes to pray ©Brenda Conley 2002 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Website

Where There Is Faith
Arlene's Heavenly Christian Midis

Float Script by Kurt Grigg
Courtesy of Dynamic Drive