True love always seems stronger, The second time around. Feelings that somehow became lost, Once again are found. Life takes on a different meaning, As walls start to disappear. As each reach out for the other, There sometimes is a tear. Days lost that cannot be regained Are grieved for still each day. But joy of feeling you near again, Is more than words can say. The love that was is still there, Has been waiting all the time. To hear the words "I love you" Is like old love sublime. Please say you'll never let me go, Together we'll always be. I saved all my love for you, Just reach out to me. The sweetest days are to come, As we begin a new start. Together I know we can make it, As I love you with all my heart. ©Southbreeze Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Website Mail


Moonlight Serenade
Sequenced by Gary Rogers
Smick & Smodoo's World

Photo by Pixelquelle