Life is composed of changing seasons,
As we move along looking for reasons.
Tomorrow will never be the same as today,
Because life is always changing in some way.

Donít believe itís bad for life to change,
Just think of it as moving into a different range.
Where you have a chance to expand your horizons,
As you learn to move on through changing seasons.

Change can sometime be a very exciting thing,
So move on with it and to your old life not cling.
Meeting new people greatly enriches your life,
That person could become your husband or wife.

So hold on to everything that you treasure,
Donít forget giving love is the best measure.
Then you are sure to receive that love right back,
As the magnificent reward for your devoted acts.

Now embrace all changes along lifeís highway,
Never let these changes take your life astray.
Everyoneís life is made up of changing seasons,
But trust God will guide you with His reasons. 

©M. Doris Fuller
Used With Permission
All Rights Reserved By Author

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