The golden sand upon the beach, The sky as if within our reach, And seagulls float, On the sea breeze. I smell the ocean in her hair, Safe on the blanket that we share, Our love is cast, On the sea breeze. White sails appear upon the deep, Pure as the promises we keep, And fill their cloth, With the sea breeze. Silver waves break upon the shore, Just as they have forevermore, And share their mist, With the sea breeze. The clouds above are wistful too, Like petals on a sea of blue, They sail along, On the sea breeze. The day has ended much to soon, And so we lay beneath the moon, And cast our love, On the sea breeze. ©Sal Grippaldi 2000 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Website Mail

Digital Art, "Lookout"
is ©Phillip Deck, all rights reserved to the artist
and Used with permission.

An Original Composition
Music Written and Sequenced by TGLHowie
Lyrics by Sal Grippaldi/RedSal
Used With Permission