I still remember my grandma, Back in my childhood days. She was always there for me In so very many loving ways. So wonderful was lazy summer days, That I spent visiting at her abode. While sitting on that front porch, Rocking in an old chair so slow. The two of us would sit out there, Just talking together for many hours. Trees shaded the porch from the sun, Her yard covered with pretty flowers. Her kitchen had some yummy smells, Because she was always cooking in there. I can still taste all the cakes, candy and pies, She was constantly making to share. She welcomed all the family visitors To her decorated house at Christmas time. Her jovial laughter filled with jolly spirit, As she read to us holiday rhymes. I recall fond memories of those days, Since grandma had been gone many years. I can still feel that love she freely gave, And again my heart fills with cheer. ©M. Doris Fuller Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Website Mail

Grandmother Told Me So
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