Boy on sleigh
As Christmas Bells ring out again, I think of Mom and Dad. And all the trials and troubles, They surely must have had, bullet In raising all us Children, When things were mighty slim. I know that Mom must have knew the Lord, She had such Faith in Him. bullet They didn't just sit back and wait, For some one to help them out. They didn't gripe or moan or cry, Or curse their luck or pout. bullet Dad just looked harder for a job, Till something could be found. A hundred places told him no, But he'd just make the rounds. bullet And Mom was always waiting there, To keep his spirit high. How many years ago that's been, My how time does fly. bullet Now both Dear Ones are gone you see, Their lessons we learned well. Do unto others good, they'd say, And do not gossip tell. bullet Give a man a full days work, And he will treat you right. You'll be just what you want to be, Your thoughts keep clean and bright. bullet So as the Christmas bells ring out, And bright wrapped gifts unfold, I realize these Lessons, Were Gifts of Purest Gold. bullet ©E. H. Coe 1971 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Estate Website Please Share


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