One of the fondest memories I love
Is watching Mother at her old stove
I don't know if she ever read a recipe
But she sure knew to cook for her family

The aromas each morning I remember yet
That is the something else I'll never forget
Fresh ham and bacon we had every day
Always seasoned with love in Mother's own way

Roast beef or fried chicken was our Sunday dinner
Everything she cooked for us came out a winner
Home made biscuits and corn bread for every meal
When she made chocolate gravy us kids would squeal

String beans and butter beans squash and mashed taters
Right from our own garden along with big red tomatoes
Even during the depression Mother always found a way
To feed all her family like royalty each and every day

And who could forget her puddings, cookies, cakes and pies
They all soon disappeared quickly right before our eyes
Home churned butter and molasses for supper every night
With those freshly baked biscuits what a delight

Another thing I remember real well even til now
Drinking sweet milk fresh squeezed from a cow
Oh to go back there in my cherished memories
I wouldn't trade anything in the world for these

©Jack Young
October 27, 2007
Used With Permission
All Rights Reserved By Author

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