It is my Christian duty to love you even if you are unlovable It is my Christian duty to forgive you for acting ugly It is my Christian duty to not talk about you It is my Christian duty to do nice things for you Gee, that is a lot of Christian duties and I wonder how I did The test is when I look within myself and see what I am like Do I measure up to what my Christian duties are Have I wandered away from my God so very far That I do not recognize how little I love How selfish I am and do not want to reach out to you Do I feel I am so superior to you that I cannot relate Am I angry at you or so jealous I just leave you alone Never to speak or help when you are in need It is not just my Christian duty to do these My walk with my Lord Jesus will explain this you see I pray today for you and yours, that I might be there for you I love you my friend because God gave you to me So let bygones be bygones and let us pass the test Let us get it together and do what we must Love one another and do our very best That is my Christian duty To be more Christ-like as He said ©Sarah Berthelson Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Website Mail

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