Blessings I tried to count my blessings But I could not and here's why There so many of them They reached up to the sky I could not even see all them For they reached much too far I think they might have ended Beyond the most distant star But I really don't need to count them I can feel them everywhere Sometimes I don't see them at all But I know that they are there You see you don't need to count them There are always more to share But we must always remember To thank God in our prayer A blessing is a blessing No matter the time and place And they are there for us to keep God gives them with His Grace ©Jack Young October 9. 2007 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Mail More Blessings Don't try to count your blessings Cause you can't count that high Just take what God has to offer And don't bother to ask Him why No matter what troubles befall you Don't just sit around and mope There is always another blessing waiting So don't ever give up hope We know we don't deserve then They keep happening just the same Especially if we take the time to ask For them in Jesus' name Each blessing is a gift from God Sent down from up above And each of them is gift wrapped In our Lord's precious love The greatest blessing we receive Is to be born again By accepting Jesus in our hearts And being freed from sin Some day when this life has ended And our earth's blessings are no more All we'll ever know are blessings When we reach Heaven's shore ©Jack Young October 9. 2007 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Mail

  The Lord's Prayer
Performed by Margi Harrell

Float Script by Kurt Grigg
Courtesy of Dynamic Drive