Please and thank you are magic words,
That are great to acquire.
Undemanding and politeness,
Are traits to admire.

A beautiful person I know you'll be,
And as I watch you grow.
Please let me guide with gentleness,
In things that you should know.

Friendship offered brings much joy,
And love travels far.
Speak kindly of those around you,
Stay as sweet as you are.

Be faithful in all the things you do,
Give the very best you can.
Make a special effort to finish,
Those things that you began.

Look around for those in need,
And help them when you can.
God will bestow a blessing as,
You extend a helping hand.

Let others know you love them,
Speak those words each day.
Spread a bit of happiness,
In the words you say.

So now I've shared what Mama said,
And tell you that I love YOU!
If with someone you'd like to share.
These words are tried and true!

Used With Permission
All Rights Reserved By Author


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