Winter blush upon her face Northern winds entwined About the earth a chill is there Yet, beauty, quite refined A mystery, from day to day First at calm, then storm Moods change swift and suddenly No endeavor, to inform She'll drape herself in crystal ice And sparkle in the sun Like diamonds from a jewel box Our gaze, in wonder, she has won But yet, still like a mother She knows what is best The earth, her child, she covers Tis time for needed rest And cold are the days, with long dark nights Freezing ground she keeps For under her blanket of snow Spring quietly sleeps Enjoy The Winter, Dear Friend And Have A Wonderful Day!! Kathryn Sunday Davis December 22, 2005 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Website Mail

Float Script by Kurt Grigg

Austrian Medley
Christmas at Midnight Midis

Graphiques par Cathie Designs