Sitting quietly, at a high crest with the Sun shining through the early frost I knew I was seeing "Gods" very best Beauty captured, yet...soon to be lost Looking to the East of the mountain Or gazing across, towards the West A "Kaleidoscope" of wonderful colors Nature's beauty, Autumns bequest Golden splashes, like bright sunbursts Along with the color of Pomegranate Blatant beauty, bringing a thirst For Mother Nature, colorfully slanted Colors weaving, creating a Masterpiece Patterns, of every shape and size Glorious trees, Octobers breeze, heaving A Kaleidoscope, of beauty……. Watching the leaves fly! ©Judith Johnson Kypta 2004 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Website Website Newsletter Mail

Float Script by Kurt Grigg
Courtesy of Dynamic Drive

Background Set ©MagnoliaD, 2007
Photo courtesy of Stockxchge

Voice Of God
Arlene's Heavenly Christian Midis