The old front porch was
A gathering place for many things.
We'd gather round Grandma's rocker,
We couldn't wait for her to sing!

She sang those old sweet songs
About the love of Jesus.
About His 'Amazing Grace'
She knew which song's pleased us!

She sang of how He took our place
On a cross, on a hill far away!
She taught us with the verses she sang.
I remember them to this day!

After she sang till we were filled.
She opened up God's word,
Her sweet voice began to read,
And we were transferred,

Into another time, and another place,
We saw the old things pass away,
And a new heaven and a new earth,
The dawning of a brand new day.

We saw Jesus grow,
In wisdom and in grace.
Saw Him teaching in the Temple,
Taking His destined place.

We saw Him walk on the water,
As He came to them in the ship
Saw Peter step out to meet Him,
And sink when his faith did slip.

Followed Him to the garden,
As he prepared to take our place.
We saw Him beat so badly
They could not recognize his face.

We walked up the hill to Calvary,
Watched Him stumble and fall on the way
Under the heavy burden,
Of the cross He'd hang on that day.

We watched as they drove the spikes
Into His precious Hands,
And stood the cross upright.
To be the sacrifice God did demand

Many things we did learn
At Grandma's knee back then,
But best of all we did learn
That Jesus died to pay for our sin.

September 9, 2005
Used With Permission
All Rights Reserved By Author



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