Tiny babies so cuddly and sweet A grandmothers pride and joy Not one or two, or three or four, but a grand total of five little boys. The first little boy was not quite two when he was joined by a baby brother the following month along came a cousin and the next month we were blessed with another. A grandmothers dream come true Four little guys to spoil and love as each day passed, we knew that they were truly gifts from God above. As the years passed by only two in fact Another baby boy joined the pack.. Oh what fun to watch them grow each with a personality of their own what they will be when they grow up right now is certainly unknown. Many miles separated these cousins but still a bond was made for sure though not able to see each other a lot the love they felt was strong and pure. The years go by so quickly where did the babies go teenagers they are all becoming just waiting to steal the show. The hugs and kisses once given so freely are now given on the sly so I'll patiently wait for these teenage years to pass by It won't be long , as I watch them grow not long at all and then my five little guys will too soon be My five handsome young men ©*Ziplo* 2001 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Website Mail Written with love for my five grandsons. Mark, Brad, Lawrence, Jeremy & Colton I Love you all..... Grandma/Me-Maw



Young At Heart
Sequenced by Robert Fowler
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