Sun sending subliminal message 'thru the trees,
Stagnant air is chased by a freshening breeze-
mind and body hearken to the clarion call--
changing leaves announce the arrival of fall.

AWAKE!!--Wash summer doldrums from your face,
there's a transformation taking place!
The sky is cerulean blue, the air is clear-
the time for harvest gathering is near.

The fresh aroma of apples scent the air--
pumpkins hugging cornstalks-brittle and bare,
the hay is baled and waiting in the field-
the walnut trees are giving up their yield.

Trees in fall fashion, bright and bold-
flaming torches of scarlet, orange and gold.
Put your house in order, reap your harvest, friend!
Old man winter's waiting for the Glory of Autumn to end.

©Betty C. Daniels
September 15, 2003
Used With Permission
All Rights Reserved By Author

Morning Has Broken
American Midis