Friendships come and friendships go But every now and then we find A special friend to share our life And build a friendship that's one of a kind. I've found in you a special friend Who will always be there; thick or thin One who knows my every need And one who reads my thoughts within. You've been there when times were rough To comfort the pain I've felt inside You've shared my sorrow when I was sad And wiped my tears when I cried When times were good, we've laughed and played And shared the joy of a friendship true We've told each other our hopes and dreams And placed our trust through and through. I've truly been blessed by God above For sending you as my special friend For the bonding friendship that we share And the love of a friend that has no end. ©~ StinaLisa ~ 2001 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Website Mail

Tutorial for top image is from Ellie's Treasures

Side By Side
Sequenced by RedSal
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