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This is a poem that Dad wrote about their fireplace that my husband, Sam, built for them!! Hope you don't get too Hot!!! ~ Mikki

"Our Fireplace" What a wonderful, wonderful gift, Especially at Christmas time. We received this Christmas, A gift that suited us fine. A beautiful sandstone fireplace, Covers the entire wall. And gives us heat, that can't be beat, Pleasing our Grandchildren all. And finished in time for Christmas, By Sam, who we'll never forget. With Gil stacking up wood a plenty, Now for the winter, we're set! ©E.H. Coe 1977 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Estate Website

"Firewood" They worked all day to throw it out, This firewood that we gather. To burn up in our fireplace, In cold and windy weather. The wood is used, they need it not, They throw it in a pile. We pick it up and neatly stack, And it burns for quite a while. Which proves that if you look around, And work, you'll get this in return. A neatly piled stack of wood, In your fireplace to burn. ©E.H. Coe 1978 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Estate Website





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