Today it really dawned on me At what took place today The little fingerprints I saw From my little ones at play. I became somewhat upset As I looked through smudgy glass I wondered was it necessary To touch each thing they pass? Each time they come to visit me My heart just swells with pride But when they left to go back home T'was then I sat and cried. I wiped off all the fingerprints They left while they were here I thought it most important To make them disappear. Now that my house is clean again No fingerprints left behind I realize what I truly miss How could I be so blind? Those fingerprints are memories Of a child so innocent and pure I'll always leave one unwashed From now on, you can be sure. Our little ones grow up so fast Right before our eyes Lets savor every moment For we all know how time flies. So when they come to visit you With sticky hands held out Just take time to remember What little children are all about. Oh, I see a fingerprint One I must have missed But you can bet I'll leave it there And seal it with my kiss! ©Ruth Ann Mahaffey 2001 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Website Mail



The beautiful art piece is by Joseph Clark
Entitled: Three Little Kittens (1883)

Jesus Loves The Little Children
Midi Picking by Harry Todd
Sequenced by Harry Todd