For my daughters, Candice and Jenny.

My child dreams of many things,
Of fairies and angels and their beautiful wings.

Of Leprechauns, rainbows, a pot of gold,
Of puppies and kittens she longs to hold.

My child's dreams are so tender,
So innocent and sweet,
How I wish these dreams would forever keep!

If I could hide them all away,
I'd protect and keep them until the day I'd say....,

"An adult you've now become,
Here's your dreams my little one!

I kept them in a box for you....
All these years as you grew,
And now they are ready to be realized,
Spread your wings, your ready to fly!"

And my child would open that box of dreams
and be filled up with all those childhood things....
Pure love, pure joy, wonderment beyond measure,
Every good thing would bring so much pleasure!

She would experience her future as a child does,
With no boundaries or limits to see,
And those dreams would come true one by one,
A life of dreams set free!

©Val Ekholm 
November 4, 2002
Used With Permission
All Rights Reserved By Author

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