Refreshing shades of pink all around, Awesome beauty can be found. In their shape and shade of hue, All awaiting in the garden for you. Strong tones of deeper shades, Are all amongst the garden parade. Standing out so bold and brave, Catching your eye as along you gaze. Then among the deeper hues, Are those delicate pinks in view. Spread amid the darker ones, Glistening with dewdrops in the sun. Just as life offers us bold and bright, Decisions that may come in sight. He gives us strength beyond compare, To overcome the bold he prepares. Yet, the delicate shades of pink, May take us unawares and cause us to think. Can we make it through the tender times, When life gives out less strength to find. Our Lord promises us our own desires, Among the weeds and the briars. As His children who he tends as nature, He provides the food and growth to nurture. No matter how delicate or bold we are, He's there to lead us to no matter how far. The trials of life are nothing to Him, And He leads us right through them. He gives our lives sweet bouquets, Of hues of dark and delicate light arrays. On His promise he never fails, He complies as we follow His trail. Trust in Him and lean not on your own He understands, and will lead you home. His way is truth and His way is light, Pray and believe with all your might. ©Shirley Barr June 12, 2006 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Website Website E-Mail

Consider The Lilies
Sequenced by David Larch
David's Southern Gospel MIDI Tracks

Image courtesy ©Comteche