From heaven to earth a journey The seeds of love were strewn Planted in the womb of purity That the depth of love be known. Despite humans cruel persecution It grew among the dust and weed Drinking from the promise of God The most beautiful rose came to be. Many came to inhale its beauty The divine sweet fragrance of Ever filling their hearts and senses With the blessed fragrance of love. Soon many despised God's creation The perfect rose from him that grew Surrounding, they uprooted and trampled And its petals in the garden strewn. Along the path leaving a trail of love Drops of crimson all along the way They tormented the essence each step Hence the end of the journey that day. Thunder roared deep within the heavens When crimson spilled from each wound As the thorns pierced the fragile petals And the last breath on earth consumed. Stop and inhale God's perfect creation The Crimson Rose from Calvary's hill The ever sweet fragrance that lingered From that day, remains to this day still. ©Kathy Loun Stilley 2006 Used With Exclusive Permission Of The Author All Rights Reserved Website Mail


Where The Roses Never Fade
Bouquet of Roses