Fields awash with yellow corn Glowing golden for miles. Interwoven by lush green hedgerows And a wood of towering trees. Contrasting red poppies stretch Their hue as far as the eye can see, Broken stillness only by a breeze. Gods blessing of sight. Rippled waters of the weir cascade Down to the river flowing for miles. Intercepted by the quacking ducks Waddling among reeds. Chugging motor boats, and handles Turning of the lock gates To gushing flowing sounds. Gods blessing of hearing. Honey suckle bush exudes its Heady perfume for seeming miles. Interrupted only by the mock orange And brief encounters of rosemary, Sage, lavender and the rose. Newly mowed lawn and the air After a shower of summer rain. Gods blessing of smell. Hand in hand to walk life's Journey for miles and miles. Love entwined by despair, hope, grief, Doubt, faith and suffering. Enlightenment, exploring the Depths of the soul to inquire And know ones self to the full. Gods blessing of emotion. ©Joyce Gale 2004 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Website Mail

An Evening Prayer
NSO Midi Hymns

ęBeverley Lu Latter, Photographer