I wrote this for Junior. Reese sung it at last year's reunion to the tune of The Beverly Hillbillies Come and listen to my story 'Bout a man named Bill He had a little workshop In the West Virginia hills After he retired He spent lots of time in there But Virginia didn't mind 'Cause he wasn't in her hair He was makin things Sawin' Hammerin' Well the first thing you know Old Bill was doin' good His workshop was full Of the stuff he'd made from wood Jason told his dad He would haul it all away So he loaded up his truck And he sold it in one day Shelves, that is Tables, Clocks Bill thought he was number one At makin' stuff from wood Reese and Danny, he was sure Weren't nearly half as good Then Cheryl came along And she put him to the test Now everybody knows She is better than the rest At woodworkin' that is Carpentry, Fixin' things Ya'll listen up now, ye hear ©Cheryl McCoy Pender March 3, 2001 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Mail

The Ballad Of Jed Clampet
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