Behold the vibrant colors of Autumn. Dry leaves hanging low on branches changing tones from Summer green to crimson, saffron, orcherous, chestnut. The splendor of Fall's glory unveils. Colored leaves begin a seasonal dance as brisk harvest winds gaily flutter. Hear the chorus streaming in the air. Leaves swishing and swirling freely, causing my heart to leap in harmony. Lawns arrayed in a blanket of leaves; decorated pumpkins line porch steps; Cute scarecrows crafted of raffia; Children blissfully bounding into piles of freshly raked tinted leaves. All the sights and sounds of Autumn an enchanted display of Nature's beauty, invigorating my senses fresh and anew. My soul wrapped in bountiful warmness, like the blazing colors of Fall unfolding. ©TinasHeart October 23, 2001 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Website Mail


Artwork by Barbara Felinski

Elastic Trail Script
by Philip Winston
Courtesy of Dynamic Drive

The Last Days of Autumn
Sequenced by Bruce DeBoer
Music Of The Heart