Arise,my Angel--- Fly above the evil that torments you- clothe yourself in raiment He has sent you to protect you from all earthly demon action, who would pull you down into their putrefaction. Be assured our Master is all knowing- see His aura of love around you glowing- feel His mighty robe around you flowing- sense His terrible wrath against them growing--- Arise-My Angel!! Arm yourself in faith in God abounding-- hear the Angel's voice in rage resounding- surrender yourself to Him in all His Glory- remember the gift He gave you,-the age old story- the gift of love surpassing sin and striving- that we-His children remain free and thriving-- Arise-My Angel!! Come out of the depths in which evil would cast you, the day will soon break and darkness will be past you- and peace will reign into and all infinity, and you will be grace in His love and divinity. © Betty C. Daniels March 31, 2007 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Mail




"Yea tho' ye walk thru' the valley of the shadow of death-the Lord is with thee" ~ Songs of David

Dedicated to all the young people who have gone to Glory for political purposes, power or greed. Make it what you will.

Betty C. Daniels

Hallelujah, We Shall Rise
Courtesy of Heavenly Midis

Photo came from The Geek Philosopher