I remember the days when we got all dressed up in clothes that were way to big, but what fun dressed up as Mommies, taking our dolls for a stroll out in the mid day sun. Laying on a blanket in the yard gazing up at the clouds drifting by picking out pictures we could see way up high in the sky. When night time arrived, the neighbor kids gathered together to play in the dark not a care did we have, and nothing to fear as we played games, happy as a lark. Red rover come over, hide and go seek, sometimes it was hard not to peek Draw the magic frying pan, and there was also kick the can. On hot summer days we'd gather again to run through the sprinkler to keep cool some days we were lucky and all got to go to the park and the small swimming pool. A trip to the store was always a treat penny candy we wanted to buy a bright, shiny nickel we had to spend it was so hard to choose, no matter how hard we would try. The hot summer nights made it so hard to sleep I can remember it still we'd push our beds to the window and lay with our heads on the sill. School days back then, we learned the three R's no calculators, computers or such we all got by without them although at times it seemed too much Christmas was a fun time of the year my brother would wake me up at three We would sneak down the stairs, excited to see what was under the tree There was always an item of clothing, a toy of some kind, and a big book with 365 stories Each night through the year, we'd all gather around as our Mother would read, we were all in our glory High school days were the very best with sock hops, roller skating and all drive in movies, drive in places to eat remembering those times, I know now, we sure did have a "ball" These are just a few of the things I remember sometimes with a slip of the tongue of the days long gone by Yesterday when I was young.... *Ziplo* ©2002 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Website Mail