Why Not Today?? Have you heard "Because He lives"? It is quite a song indeed For each and every day He calls And of the gospel He does feed. He lived so many years ago And some even deny His name But when this life is over Their eternity will be a shame. Now is the time to read His words Learning from scriptures in His Book Each chapter has such meaning Why not open it, take a look? God sent His only begotten Son To try to save mankind And knowing in the final end So many would still be blind. They mocked Him and scorned Him And on a cross they nailed him secure Yet He was sent to earth from God Preaching salvation as life's cure. You see this is the only way The straight and narrow road That man can enter Heaven Reaping treasures he has sowed. Why not today, before its too late Get down on your knees and pray Asking for salvation and pardon of sins And the Holy Spirit in your heart to stay. Kentucky_Lady4 October 2, 2002 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Mail Website

"Because He Lives"
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