Are you sure you walk in faithfulness And truly know and believe Are you truly grateful For blessings you receive Do you truly believe the Jesus And trust His Holy Word Do you accept Him as you Saviour Your protector and your Lord Do you try to follow The path He has laid out To lead you straight to Heaven And trust Him without doubt So you daily seek His counsel To lead you thru the day Do you know that He listens to you Every time you kneel and pray Do you look forward to the day When He will come for you And take you to a better place Where everything is new Do you tell others about Him And share His Precious Word And try to lead them to the point Where they accept the Lord If you can say yes to these questions Then you are truly blessed You are on your way to Heaven You have passed the Jesus Test!!!!!!! ©Jack Young July 23, 2007 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Mail

Give Him The Glory
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