As I gazed out of my window
At the gently falling rain.
I wondered how long it would be
'Til the sun would shine again.

I was sad before the rain came,
Even sadder when it did.
I longed to turn the clock back
To when I was just a kid.

Worries and responsibilities
Were few and far between.
Like, mom would say, "Homework done,
And, is your bedroom clean?"

The tears I shed were very few.
Life was so easy then.
If I'd get a bump or bruise, I knew,
Mom would "fix" me up again.

But, now my dad's in Heaven,
He joined my daughter there.
And, when the angels came for mom,
It seemed more than I could bear.

But, Jesus said if I follow Him
I'll see them all someday.
This made it easier to bear
When angels carried my brother away.

I will try to smile and carry on
As the months turn into years,
'Til I join them up in Heaven
Where there'll be no sorrow or tears.

©Gloria Martel
Used With Permission
All Rights Reserved By Author

How Beautiful Heaven Must Be
Sequenced by Jay Droz