I called on Jesus this morning And talked a bit about you I told Him how much I loved Him And how much I loved you too I asked Him to watch over you Thru out the coming day And thanked Him for the blessings That He always sends your way I told Him that you were my friend And how much you mean to me I thanked Him that I could say that For it so true you see I asked Him to walk with you With every step you take And that you feel His presence near He heard me make no mistake I asked the same for you tomorrow And all your remaining days And I trust that it will be so For He heeds the prayers one prays Isn't it wonderful to know We all are in His care And anytime we need to talk We can know that He is there I hope you will remember me When you talk to Jesus too For I need ever prayer I can get Prayers are what gets me thru ©Jack Young July 29, 2007 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Mail


Me & Jesus
Rose's Front Porch